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The Origin of the Rohingya Ethnicity Whose Arrival is Rejected by Aceh Residents

The Origin of the Rohingya Ethnicity Whose Arrival is Rejected by Aceh Residents The arrival of a vessel carrying dozens of Rohingya immigrants briefly stopped at Kuala Pawoen Beach, Pante Sukon Village, Jangka District, Bireuen Regency, on Thursday (16/11/2023). This marked the third wave of arrivals within a week. However, unlike previous instances, this time, the people of Aceh rejected the Rohingya immigrants landing in Bireuen. According to Azharul Husna, the Coordinator of KontraS Aceh, the rejection occurred because the Indonesian government lacks a comprehensive mechanism for handling foreign refugees in Aceh. The handling of refugees in Aceh seems neglected without proper supervision. Despite this, Article 2 of Presidential Regulation 125/2016 concerning the Handling of Foreign Refugees has stated that the central government should collaborate with UN agencies through international organizations dealing with refugees, said Azharul. "Presidential Regulation 125/2016, which

Soal Penolakan Pengungsi Rohingya di Aceh, UNHCR: Masih Ditampung di Pinggir Laut

Seorang pejabat United Nations High Commisioner For Refugees (UNHCR), Munawaratul Makhya menyebutkan, hingga Senin (20/11/2023) pihaknya masih menunggu dan berkoordinasi dengan pejabat pemerintah setempat untuk memfasilitasi tempat penampungan bagi para pengungsi.  “Semalam mereka (pengungsi Rohingya) sudah dipindahkan ke tempat penampungan sementara di pinggir laut. Saat ini kami sedang rapat untuk koordinasi lebih lanjut,” kata Munawaratul Makhya Untuk saat ini, kata dia, lokasi penampungan Rohingya di Mina Raya, Padang Tiji sudah mencapai batas kuota pengungsi sehingga pihaknya harus mencari lokasi lain untuk menampung sejumlah pengungsi tersebut.  Tidak hanya di Pidie, pihak UNHCR juga menyebutkan pada hari yang sama ada 3 kapal yang mendarat dengan total kurang lebih 500 pengungsi. Di antaranya, Pidie, Bireun, dan Aceh Timur. "Ini merupakan gelombang ke empat pada pekan ini," Munawaratul Makhya. Sebanyak 220 etnis Rohingya kembali mendarat di Pantai Kulee, Pidie, Aceh pa

Mastering Windows Mishaps: A Troubleshooting Tutorial

  Embarking on a journey through the digital landscape with Windows as your operating system promises unparalleled possibilities. However, even the most adept users occasionally find themselves grappling with unexpected hiccups. In this comprehensive troubleshooting tutorial, we'll unravel the mysteries behind common Windows mishaps and empower you with the skills to masterfully tackle them. Whether you're facing performance issues, software glitches, or connectivity troubles, this guide is your key to navigating Windows woes with confidence. Addressing Slow Performance One of the most common issues users encounter is a noticeable slowdown in their PC's performance. Tasks that once executed swiftly now proceed at a frustratingly sluggish pace. To remedy this, initiate a malware scan using Windows Defender or a reliable antivirus program. Uninstalling unnecessary programs and bloatware can also contribute to a performance boost. Additionally, adjusting your computer's po